High-Quality Alfalfa Hay

Jungo Ranches produces and delivers high-quality alfalfa hay for dairy and beef cattle. We have farms located in the heart of Orovada, Nevada and at Jungo, which is 35 miles west of Winnemucca, with headquarters at our Marsing, Idaho farm.

We produce large Alfalfa bales. Our large bales are 3'x4' weighing in at an average of 1,450 lbs. We have our own fleet of trucks and drivers available to deliver alfalfa hay throughout Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and California.

Jungo Ranches has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. The business is owned by Rodney St. Clair, managed and operated by his son Grant St. Clair

Hay Test Guidelines

Alfalfa hay test guidelines, (for domestic livestock use and not more than 10% grass), used with visual appearance and intent of sale quantitive factors are approximate and many factors can affect feeding value.

ADF NDF RFV TDN-100% TDN-90% CP-100%
Supreme <27 <34 >185 >62 >55.9 >22
Premium 27-29 34-36 170-185 60.5-62 54.5-55.9 20-22
Good 29-32 36-40 150-170 58-60 52.5-54.5 18-20
Fair 32-35 40-44 130-150 56-58 50.5-52.5 16-18
Utility >35 >44 <130 <56 <50.5 <16

ADF = Acid Detergent Fiber
NDF = Neutral Detergent Fiber
RFV = Relative Feed Value
TDN= Total Digestible Nutrients
RFV calculated using the Wis/Minn formula. TDN calculated using the western formula. Values based on 100% matter, TDN both 90% and 100%

Guidelines by USDA